Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United, Inc.

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Please fill out the form below to register yourself or business with The Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United Incorporated. There is no fee to register although we do request at least two hours of volunteer service within one year of joining. The following criteria is requested to join:

  • Must be a commercial fisherman or fishing business; including but not limited to: hook/line fishers, shrimpers, crabbers, oyster harvesters, net fishermen, spear/gig fishermen, and charter fishing boat owner/operators.

  • Commercial fishing license holders, boat owners, business owners, as well as captains, deckhands, spouses and book keepers are welcome to join.

  • Commercial fishing businesses may register both their business entity and any owners, operators, or employees.

  • Past or present commercial fishermen or entity that meet the above criteria are welcome to join.

  • Similar trade organizations are welcome to join including processors and restaurants.

  • Consumers of the marine resources our members provide are welcome to join.
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Thank you for taking the time to register with The Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United. All information collected and members list will be held private and strictly confidential. No information will be shared or distributed to third parties. MSCFU reserves the right to reject any submissions.

* Required: Please include full name/or business name and a valid email address that you would like to receive information and business pertaining to MSCFU.

* Must select member type.

** Non-Mississippi residents are welcome to join as Non-Voting members but only resident commercial fishermen will retain voting rights.

- Types of commercial fishing and phone number are not required but are encouraged to help us better serve you.

- Please feel free to leave any comments or questions in the Message box.


As a member of The Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United, Inc. (MSCFU) you can be a part of the following:

- Regular meetings on issues important to members.

- Stay informed on fisheries openings/closures and pending state/federal legislation and regulations.

- Vote to advocate for or against issues that affect the livelihood of members.

- Provide a unified voice for all fishermen.

- Support high quality domestic seafood production and sustainable fisheries.

- Receive email newsletters, updates, and information on public meetings.